Saturday, November 26, 2005

Baudrillard, I own you.

Here's to the recycle-ability of academic work...having worked on theorist Jean Baudrillard for my thesis project, I'm back on him for a presentation. My presentation was actually due three weeks ago, but my professor had forgotten about it when I was ready to present; I wasn't sure whether or not to remind her; and I believe I did promise it'd be in better shape at the later, rescheduled time. And I [crosses fingers] think it is.

Basically, Baudrillard's this really head-trippy French intellectual, whose work plays in that whole vocabulary of signs/signifiers, what is reality?, etc etc etc. And it's difficult-- but also sometimes so zany and bizarre, that it can be a lot of fun. And I think, think I've got a good handle on him. And I hope that will come through on Monday.

AND I actually did work over the break! Some substantial work! It won't make a huge dent in the paper stuff that I'll still have to do with not much time to spare-- BUT, I'll have a less hectic Sunday afternoon/evening/Monday morning of reading/homework cramming than I usually do. And that, in itself, is something of a relief.