Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

It's actually 4:16 AM right now.

I would almost be tempted. To stay awake, another whole hour, if only to go to the Plymouth Meeting Mall, and go to Kaybee. To be able to observe-- holy crap, it is Five A.M.- Kaybee's is open at 5AM, just like that big sign on Germantown Pike said it'd be open. And it's open. And there are PEOPLE heeeere. This is incredible. I can barely roll out of bed to get paid for going to work at 9AM, here we are in the mall at 9AM, and people are going here to spend money on thiiings. Though thiiings are neat. I would stay awake and go. But I have not slept. And I'm bad enough a driver as it is.

I kind of think I want to embrace the Black Friday-ness that is this day...that is, go out and shop! Go, go shop, America! day. Which, I will. I think there's a point in which acknowledging the fix-ed-ness of about everything in society...consumerism/drive to purchase/commodity oriented lifestyle/empowering purchases/object oriented lifestyle, etc...saying that you acknowledge these things. Gives you free reign to totally take part in them in a voyeuristic sense..."Oh, I'm not actually being a tool of advertising and everything that's coded into me that makes me want to go buy stuff. I'm observing this behavior."

Well that's a lie- I'm just a willing consumer. There is a part of me that is absolutely fascinated with all the amazingly compelling, superficial parts of life-- fascinating in a- wow. Holy jeez wow. At some point, people created holidays for the resurrection of the Risen Lord, but perhaps just as important in our society, is an unofficial holiday, created by a coincidence of Friday's off after Thanksgiving and Christmas less than a month away, that is just as, if not, more, celebrated, for all sorts of other reasons that have nothing to do with messiahs or salvation, but a change in the color of the font on the bottom line of excel spreadsheets across the nation.

And just because I am aware of this. I am not above this. I want some really classy shit.