Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wednesday Night Jug

Detail on the office name plates:

John M. Bloor

Brian J. Smith

Brian and John are two members of the Alumni Service Corps at St. Joe's Prep, and I was rather delighted to get the chance to see their office. And, of course, the thing that greatly amuses me is, they graduated with me from the Prep...and now are teaching/administering campus ministry programs.

The history of the Alumni Service Corps is a somewhat interesting one. From what I understand, it was originally formed a little under 10 years ago as a program to reintroduce younger faculty as mentoring figures for the high school students. With fewer numbers of Jesuit Scholastics available, the Prep decided to take on groups of about 4 recent college graduates every year, to come back to the Prep, teach and do service. This is, all in all, a great thing, even greater, that four of my friends from the Prep are now teaching there-- two from homeroom 1G, two from homeroom 1F.

The occassion for visiting the Prep was the alumni program Wednesday Night Jug. For those not familiar with that particular term, "Jug" is the term for detention, within the Prep, and presumably many other Jesuit high schools. This particular event, cleverly named, takes place every Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There is beer, food, friends and much rejoicing. One moment that stands out in my memory was when someone described the Prep student's section during a half time show by the opposing team. From what the alum recalled, it involved all of the Prep kids pulling out newspapers, and turning away from the group on the field.

To quote Ernie (I believe it was):

One thing you get to experience at the Prep and perhaps at no other time in your entire life, is the absolute certainty that truly, you are better than everyone else.