Monday, November 21, 2005


In a word, kind of fabulous. Friday night...You Can't Take It With You, followed by a cast party that ranks very highly on the "Totally Awesome Parties" scale.

Follow up on Saturday was an a cappella concert in the Martyr's Lounge, featuring the B-Sides, the Satin Dolls and a group from Drew University. All was well, and it quite simply rocked...again, another Belmont party to follow...and today...another run through The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Second time I've seen it, and probably like a lot of other movies I've tended to like, more enjoyable second time through. And perhaps with company-- I had gone on my own to a big ol' Times Square theater last spring to make sure I'd catch it while it was still in the theater.

And what am I doing, you ask? Well, I'm still awake because I decided at 11PM to do life maintenance, clean up my unnecessarily large, yet rather unkept room, and, you know, sort of get desk and things in order. And then I wanted something to eat, so there was nothing in the snack department, so I boiled some gnocchi that was in a packet in the freezer. And that stuff is heavy-- potato in pasta, which probably equals spawn of satan to those of the low carb variety (an approach to eating that, no offense, I find to be crap-- an excuse to eat lots of things that are, in large doses, bad for you [eg, bacon, meats, oily foods], so that you eat a lot less of things that are good for you [breads, rice, and rice]). I'm no expert, and I will say for myself that I am simply indescriminate of what sort of food I put into my person.

Supposedly you shouldn't sleep right after you eat. That stuff is still sitting heavy in the stomach.


For lack of taking a constitutional (I know, I know...I love this time of night in the Bronx, too)...I'll sit here and do homework that will make up for the extra hour I'll probably sleep through tomorrow.

Aren't you so glad this form of publishing information exists. So that both you. And I. Can share this moment. Together. Would you like a cheese sandwich?