Thursday, December 01, 2005

In which...Borch buys a Colt 45

heyitsborch: just broke my pentium processor
FunkyForvm: howd you do that?
heyitsborch: i took it out to clean the processor fan, a pin got bent, i tried to bend it back, it broke off
FunkyForvm: oh man
FunkyForvm: no fixing that, is there?
heyitsborch: no
heyitsborch: i must have known i was going to break it cause i went out and bought a colt 45 earlier, which i will open now
FunkyForvm: hahaha
FunkyForvm: did you really buy a colt 45?
heyitsborch: yeah
FunkyForvm: oh wow
FunkyForvm: did you tell Guillermo?
heyitsborch: no, he wouldn't understand
FunkyForvm: you mean...he'd probably get upset?
heyitsborch: no, he would literally not understand
FunkyForvm: hahaha

*** interlude of 10 minutes of conversation ***

FunkyForvm: so what route are you taking...buying the replacement chip, or putting that colt to work?
heyitsborch: i'm drinking the colt right now, and i dont know how much money i have in my account right now
heyitsborch: so i will have to check tomorrow
FunkyForvm: ok.
FunkyForvm: We need to rewind.
FunkyForvm: Because in the context of you previously talking about buying a gun.
heyitsborch: hahaha
FunkyForvm: For the past 15 minutes, I was entirely believing that you had purchased a firearm.
heyitsborch: hahahahaha