Thursday, December 08, 2005


So when exactly is this thing going to auto-archive my entries? No idea.

The statue dedication was a rather involved affair, more so than I thought- it was in a prayer service format. Went w/ Polcino, Knittle and his girlfriend, Emily, after popping the suggestion out by the caf. And I love university/academic ceremonies. No joke or mention was made at the statue's appearance, in deference to the artist, I would assume. The statue of Ignatius on the Alpha House Lawn, to me personally, has a somewhat odd history. One day, I saw them clearing out and flattening a plot of land. Then, another day, I see them put a big round slab on the ground, and I think-- what the hell is this, a fountain? And then Ignatius lowers onto it, in all its glory.

I can't help but think of comments that I've said at least three times. Heck. Why not just go back to classicism. I mean, in terms of sculpture, I still feel like we did it best then. This new statue just seems oddly two dimensional, somehow. Aside from the elongated probosis, it just looks not made to be viewed as a statue. Lines are too smooth, textures aren't there, and the smoothness of it does not elevate me in any particular way.

Nonetheless, the dedication was as nice as one would expect from a formal university function, and though the statue itself did not bear the brunt of Father McShane's public speaking wit, he nonetheless got to exercise his on-the-fly speaking:

"It says here in the program that we will at this point, the close of the ceremony, sing a hymn. Judging by the extremely cold weather, I would imagine it would actually be in everyone's best interests for us to go straight to the reception in the student center as soon as possible. So if you's right over there...please feel free to walk in that direction. If you feel so moved to sing a hymn on your way there-- so much the better."

Euphonamagoria III: Ramblers Fall Concert, Lincoln Center performance tomorrow night, Rose Hill performance Saturday night. Details in my AIM profile. It's got a wide variety of songs, but do trust that by the end, it does develop into face-melting rock.