Thursday, December 01, 2005

Risk and Rolling Rock

Risk went on in Hoffman 2412/Apt 3 between the hours of 1AM and 6:30AM Wednesday morning. The game started out rather well for Rob, who gained a surprisingly fast foothold in Europe, holding onto the continent within the first turn. North America and South America went largely overlooked early on in the game, with most of the action taking place in the Asian continent-- a difficult land mass to be sure, if we are to remember the words of the Sicilian in The Princess Bride. Asia versus Australia was an issue for a long while during the game, contested between Mr. Walters and Mr. Duffy. Meanwhile, as was said in Seinfeld, "Ukraine is not weak!" oh no no- on the contrary, Ukraine steadily became stronger, as Rob, playing extremely conservatively, attempted to hold on to Europe with as ferrous a fist as possible, deterring for a long while any sort of attack from the Eastern front. From the west, all was not quiet. The forces of Blue, lead by Mr. Walters, amassed an army that moved from Greenland, through Iceland, and then starting a European invasion. For my own money, I have to say that I made some surprisingly good rolls, but alas, did not turn out all great in the end. By this point, trading in cards was at about 40 armies worth, and after I was eliminated, it was Walters vs. Duffy, and Walters had the upper hand. Though Duffy successfully held Asia, Walters, dominatrix of Risk, did come out on top. With a solid end game, and many, many more reinforcements on the way, Duffy submitted to a good game/forfeit, leaving Walters at