Thursday, December 15, 2005

There really is no time any more.

2PM: Arrives at Library.
7PM - 8PM: Dinner Break.
3AM: Leaves Library.

I'm not bragging about that-- I just think it's kind of nuts! I'm thinking to myself that had I not done Ramblers this semester, maybe I would not be in this same level of time crunch predicament possibly. More likely, though, I'd be doing pretty much the exact same thing-- if not for my catch up projects today, for me longer projects, both due Monday.

There probably is something to say for quality of work, even if it doesn't make the difference of a letter grade. And I guess if both were due two days from now, I'd find some way to get it done. I think I've just started getting pickier about what's worth handing in. It makes me shudder to think of actually reading over...well...most of the stuff from last year, and maybe even some of the stuff from the summer.

Tonight, the reserves room, reference room and periodical room were all open for 24hrs a day use. Thank god, for one. The reference room can become something of a circus around finals time. I definitely recommend taking advantage of the 24 hr option. At least, that works well for me. I really, truly, simply can't get work done at home. On that subject-- another post!