Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Tinker in the Snow

there is soemthing that I find oddly satisfying about going to The Jolly Tinker when there's bunches of snow on the ground. Preferably when it's actually snowing. After playwrights, Lenore and Jeanmarie and I took the trek over. And the cold, and the snow that make it a deterrent for me makes it a neat little adventure that I'd be glad to make every other week.

And part of the fulfillment came from walking into the bar out of the cold, to see that there were all sorts of Christmas lights strung up around the place inside. Warmth plus Christmas lights make a place ten times as cozy. Insert here what self-gratifying comments I may have.

I wish I had something more lyrical, or perhaps, independently poetic about that whole...going to the Jolly Tinker in the snow sort of thing...but being able to do that, spend time at Webster Cafe, and just enjoy the company of good friends and still get home before dawn-- that's a pleasant evening.