Friday, January 27, 2006

Knight Rider Replicas

Speaking of David Hasselhoff, this one was a total surprise. Some things exist...that I never even imagined or considered. Like Knight Registries: a website for those who have decided that they love Knight Rider so much, that they convert or make cars duplicated or inspired by the car KITT. Or KITT's evil brother KARR.

Though a few photos of the straight replicas looked ok, here's an "inspired by" one that looked particularly impressive:

I thought this was something because I recall, when watching the original series, looking inside the "cockpit" of the car, the dash looked all hi-tech in general, but not very specific. This...seems to pretty much nail it, apparently, complete with six exterior cameras connected to the monitors, and a DVD player. Now if you could only duplicate other things. Like the shield that lets you ram through another car, destroying it into tiny bits. And coming out unscathed. Well, one can't have everything.

Here's a fun bit from the wikipedia entry on the TV movie "Knight Rider 2000", in regards to some of the hi-tech features of the new car featured in that movie:

▪ Fax Machine - KIFT can print out faxed messages from a dash mounted printer. (A technology misconception of the late 80's is that fax machines would be in common use everywhere by the 21st Century, including automobiles).