Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well Happy New Year...

I started this weekend intending to see Narnia, and then go home and run errands, and then come back into the city for New Year's Eve...and perhaps it was the point at which I was buying disposable razors at Duane Reade that I realized that plan had been slightly altered. The weekend quickly evolved into going out, catching up with old friends, seeing Narnia the next afternoon, and then ringing in the new year.

This is repetitive, but well hey. It was pretty sweet. And there was some amount of huddling around said TV here this evening, watching some said Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark New Year's Eve Special (I think Ryan was just, stunning). Two words. A. Mazing. I mean. Journalistic reporting has not been that good sincw good morning and goodnight what time is it! Three seventeen. About time for me to go to bed. Hopefully, by nearly this time tomorrow, I will have bathed.

Kidding. I bathed once earlier this evening. It was glorious. Like the phoenix, springing forth from the trees. Or whatever it is those looney birds do.