Thursday, February 16, 2006

If the website didn't do it for you...

If you go to the iTunes Music Store, and then search "DiggNation" under podcasts, you'll probably run into one of the more interesting pieces of video/tv type programming that I've seen in a while.

PS: this is a...if you heard the story about the guys with laptops and beer, skip this...

But basically, each episode, Kevin Rose (founder of and Alex Albrecht (another host previously from Tech TV) will go through the top stories from digg and talk about them. In some sense, it's a news show from bringing up those issues (usually technology, computer, or science oriented); otherwise, it's a talking heads commentary kind of thing. Enough to be entertaining.

Anyway, if you're just screwing around on the internet or answering your e-mail, might as well start up something like DiggNation to just run in the background. Either download the most recent episode to see what the weekly business is like; or download the Christmas/Thanksgiving episode, to get a clip show of some of the top stories.

The podcasts also do NPR type stuff, CNN, big companies...then there's tons of other crap type stuff that just started once or only has one or two episodes. DiggNation is a guaranteed new episode every week.

Actually, if you're not into the DiggNation/computer type stuff, search for the Ricky Gervais Podcast. Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant (co-creators of The Office), along with another guy that's there for the ride-- it's pretty funny.