Monday, February 06, 2006

A not so super dining receptacle?

I've seen some super bowls in my time. In fact, pretty much the last four. I'd have to rate the most exciting, as Super Bowl 2002. The Patriots were playing. Someone named Bledsoe was important. Larry Holmes was going nuts, and as a bonus nostalgia feature, Bec, T, and Coll were there, along with my favorite I-liked-you-four-years-ago smirnoff ice. But you know, despite being in Good Company (as the Chris Rock movie by the same name is entitled) this time...not much of a clincher. Some sort of score from 10 - 14 or close...between...people from Seattle...and people from...Pittsburgh. And it didnt' really get me. I feel like most close superbowls, or the ones that are "good," are engaging at some sort of visceral level. Like two armies, going to the battlefield, you don't know who's going to come out on top, and some how, the sheer adrenaline, testosterone, or whatever, keeps you going. This one. Not so much. Two thumbs down, and try to entertain me more next time, billion dollar sports franchise(s).