Monday, February 27, 2006

Where Time Stops.

You walk walk out...and you realize that 5 hours have elapsed in the time you've been there. Three places spring to mind in this category:

1. Webster Cafe


If you leave the Tinker when it closes, and then you eat at Webster's, it will be near daybreak when you leave. Or at least, that tends to be the case for me. Because I tend to forget that a usual sit down and eat process at a restaurant can take about an hour. So, 3:30 plus 1 hour = 4:30. Not only that, but add some amount of chattiness or an interesting conversation. And that 1 hour becomes an hour and a half, perhaps even 3:30 plus 1.5 hours becomse 5:00 becomes, you may be able to catch Pete's opening on the other side of campus.

2. FET


The only windows there are painted black. How can one expect to know what time it is.

3. Hoffman 2423 Apt 3 Common Room

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There is an occupational hazard to having a space where time stops that is right outside of your bedroom. Taking a break from a paper, or for folks who didn't live there, visiting from on campus...the time tends to expand...and then all of a sudden, it's 5AM.

Part nostalgia, part observation, part, me having fun uploading pictures through Picasa.