Sunday, March 19, 2006

(link here) The title could be no simpler than that.

Something is wrong with's image uploader, or my computer, so unfortunately I cannot post the ironicly cartoonish graphic that is the site's logo.

Where it comes from is, I was watching Angels in America and was somewhat curious about a character based on a real life person, Roy Cohn. Cohn was a high powered lawyer who got his start at a young age during the McCarthy hearings. He had an instrumental role in securing the conviction and, possibly, the death penalty for Ethel Rosenberg. He is portrayed in the film towards the end of his life, during which he began to suffer from complications from AIDs. Was something of an "open secret" homosexual. Anyway, on going to the page, the only link outside wikipedia was for the Find-a-Grave link for Roy Cohn.

And sure enough, click on the link, and there it is. There are two search tools available: one for famous persons, one for non. It's rather morbid, but fascinating at the same time. The webpage authors also seem to have an odd fascination with cartoon-like imagery in decorating their site, but with no sense of irony. This is apparent by the virtual flowers option, through which one can leave flowers on the virtual grave site, but unfortunately, for the likes of Roy Cohn and Lee Harvey Oswald, the second guy I looked up, that feature has been removed due to continual misuse. There's a cartoon of flower with a sad face next to this notice.

* Searches also produced results for John Wayne, Peter Lorre, John Lennon (there are pictures of the "IMAGINE" mosaic in Central Park: apparently, it is unclear where or if Yoko Ono scattered his ashes), Gene Roddenberry creator of Star Trek (it says ashes unknown, but I recently read that they were sent into outer space; this makes the choice of a cartoon of a space shuttle ascending off a launch pad either odd or somewhat suitable); and just for stretching, Daniel Webster is also listed, with portrait and grave photo.

There were no results for Rick Moranis;
I only checked because someone recently mentioned a rumor that he was dead-- and I thought this, not wholly impossible.