Monday, April 17, 2006

You need to get money, pronto.

Taxes? I sort of had to deal with them. Theoretically I made more money this year than I ever have ever, yet somehow it doesn't feel that way.

At risk of exposing way too much personal information on the internet, I paid a total of $70 for TurboTax to process, fill out and send my taxes out, based on the information I plugged in. So no- add line seventeen, subtract line 12, and multiply by the number of goats you own. I got back, let's say, So I paid $70 for a computer to help me with my taxes...but my taxes are getting me back $180...soooo that's about...$70 worth of convenience...for getting $110 that I wouldn't've gotten otherwise? Probably.

Looking at the printed out forms that came as the result, if I were doing this by hand, I'd probably still be here (and be screwing it up). I guess, um, time for pizza.