Monday, August 28, 2006

Jogging and eating

So I went jogging today. Any of you jog....yes- yes thank you, sir, in the blue. No, screw that I'm lying. I didn't go jogging. I went down to the village for a fundraiser, had some moons this shade of blue and then I came up. But as I was on my way up, me and Jim felt like we might want some, ur, Chicken Selects. So, to facilitate doing that, Tori said- hey! Use these cards that say, have a free 3 piece chicken selects! Well we tried- and they didn't work. Clearly, Jim and I had made these business cards with a hologram logo on the back and a glossy outside, solely for the purpose of getting free chicken selects.

Well our money was no good there.

So I said 3? Fuck 3. I'm going to get SEV-en. You hear me? SEV-EN. And I had them. I had them like the Atlantic had the Titanic. Then I came back up the train, the N train, back up to Astoria and then I stopped.

Stopped at Mike's 24 hour Diner.

And like yesterday, I stopped to get something for the road-- not the road, but the walk home, a good 15 minute-er. And yesterday I got French Fries- but today I got something different. Thought to myself. Got to cut back on the carbs. Eat healthy. Think ahead- the future. The future.

I bought onion rings.

And they come in an aluminum pan, with the plastic thing that you crimp over the top. I remove the plastic thing, so it's just aluminum, and the rest of the contents just fall into the bag, so that I am eating onion rings (or yesterday, in my less healthy days) French Fries. And I eat them out of a bag.

And someone, jogging, breathing heavily, comes by me in the opposite direction, and looks and me while huffing and puffing, and I eat an onion ring. And that is something right there.