Friday, November 10, 2006

43 Folders Yet Again, this time, on your iTunes Playlists

Revenge of the Smart Playlist: 5 tricks for packrats & power users

The success of yesterday’s post on the basics of Smart Playlists makes me think you might enjoy seeing a few more. So, today I want to show you how to get control of a very large iTunes library — to save space by getting rid of stuff you’re not enjoying or listening to, as well as bubble up stuff you may not even realize you like.


I am an increasing fan of, if that was not already evident from the fact that I've already posted here 3 articles straight off the site. This post details some extremely useful ways to use smart playlists in managing your iTunes library. Mine isn't that big to start with, but it is kind of neat to find out what songs you like that you have not rated, songs you like that you forgot you had, etc and so forth. And when your iPod holds a lonely sole Gigabyte of data, this information can be rather useful to diversify what you listen to every day. (you = me).