Monday, February 26, 2007

Thank You, Amazon (Part II): Would you like some Aristotle?

Dear Customer,

As someone who has expressed interest in books by Aristotle, you might like to know that The Works Of Aristotle V2: Physica, De Caelo And De Generatione Et Corruptione is now available. You can order your copy for just $22.41 ($11.54 off the list price) by following the link below.

I've been waiting for this one since Aristotle's V1 cliffhanger.

Info note, I had actually ordered my McKeon edition of "The Complete Works of Aristotle" in fall of 2001 for my freshman year Ancient Philosophy Class. This prompts two questions in regards to Amazon's targeted advertising:

(1) Has my lack of Aristotle purchases within the past 6 years been taken into account, and

(2) If they sold me the "complete" works before, why would they e-mail me to sell me something I should already have?