Monday, February 26, 2007

Wes Anderson was the Best Thing about the Oscars

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, Sidney Poitier did not make it into this year's set of Oscar Montages. Nonetheless, my other "this will inevitably happen at the oscars prediction" did come true-- it did run long. I have no idea what the planned broadcast length was, but by 12AM they were just about to roll onto the best actors/actress/director/film, and at that point I just gave up and lost interest. I'm fairly certain that the only experience more grueling than watching the Oscars from your living room would be having to watch the Oscars in person.

In summary, I am most certain that my favorite moments of the 79th Academy Awards were the following:

(1) Wes Anderson American Express Commercial

Complete with Jason Schwartzman, and aside from the last bit where the camera rig goes into the sky, it appears to be done all in one take (like the opening sequence of Harold and Maude and the sequence in Royal Tenenbaums with the firetruck and the priest being put into the ambulance). Maybe there's a way to cut as big things pass right in front of the camera, but at the very least, it looks it.

(2) Michael Mann film/montage on America and the Movies

I unfortunately could not find a clip of this. It did have something of a disjointed feel, as opposed to the typical sentimental and flowing they-call-me-mr.tibbs Oscar montage, and was at the very least provocative of a few questions on how exactly movies characterize America (or at least, how does Michael Mann think that they do). The inclusion of Rutger Hauer in a scene from Blade Runner, lots of KKK footage, and an absence of segments with leading female roles prompts at least a few questions for further consideration.

I guess now I'll look up who won.