Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Update: Label Cloud feature

Just some revamps to the blog, small but significant.

I finally started taking advantage of the "label" feature, and found a useful set of instructions on setting up a label cloud, the result of which is now in the sidebar. Topics with more posts in them are bigger and in brighter colors. Clicking on them will send you to all posts that I've labeled under that topic header.

I find this to be a great feature for two reasons. First, in a blog with no specific direction or topic, it becomes much easier for the reader to find information that they are interested in or related to the most recent post. The blog gets some sense of depth, as topics become browsable and it's possible to see a train of thought at work under particular topics. The archive-by-date list, now beneath the cloud, is I feel nearly irrelevant at this point-- my blog rarely has much to do with day to day events.

Secondly, from a writerly point of view, it's now easy for me to go back and see what sort of topics I've ended up posting on. As I've chosen no specific direction on this blog, it's neat to be able to look back and see what I've tended to write about.

Some unsurprising results among the most common topics: humor, personal, and tech

And a few more surprising topics, with at least two posts under them: celebrities and Tom Cruise

And some stuff that's just become of interest to me over recent years: 43folders, productivity, and human/machine interactions