Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neat Music Video

The following was tagged onto the tail end of the most recent episode of The Merlin Show, featuring the 2nd half of the interview with Peter Hughes, of The Mountaingoats. Thus continuing my near endless linking of content from the TWiT/digg folks...but I guess such is blogging. I'll just have to diversify my sources.

Anyway, the video is pretty neat.

I don't know too much about the Mountaingoats' music. I downloaded the free tracks from their site, but since most of them were live shows with low levels (and I didn't tweak the levels much in iTunes), they did not jive well with the morning commute of cars and subways and I can't say I got that great a listen.

The video and lyrics are a bit emo-y. Which is taken as a criticism because of people's reluctance to accept emotional content in pop media-- we don't do well with fellas singing about how they are sad or upset. The video would seem disingenuous or a gratuitous invitation for pity, were it not for the "self-awaredness" of the situation's comedy-- the bouncing zebra, the near motionless face, the trick of the huge coffee cup, and the play of the screens and the camera zooming in and out. These bits let us laugh at the lyrics, and the playfulness lets us accept the singer's emotional plight. This tends to be a prerequisite for our acceptance of emotional pleas-- as long as the emoter can laugh at their own emoting, and cynically look at their situation as a bit ridiculous, we are ok with it.