Friday, November 30, 2007

Mobile Browsing and the 'Real' Internet

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, a key attraction was 'the real internet' in your pocket. Browsers on other phones were derided by Jobs as 'crippled' relative to what Apple had to offer.

However, I can't help but wonder if the real innovation in mobile web browsing is yet to come. As a new Treo user, surfing through the 'Blazer' browser, I can appreciate two things:

1. Safari on the iPhone does a far superior job displaying the interweb on my phone in a manner comparable to how it appears on my desktop.

2. Blazer on the Treo, however basic, is still pulling content out of the interweb, and on to my device.

As RSS feeds and web-integrated widgets have begun to release the content of the interweb from the webpage itself, it seems that the room for innovation in mobile use of the internet is not in replicating the desktop experience, but in pulling, pushing, and plugging content into an interface ideal for the screen size and controls of a mobile phone.

Safari on the iPhone is a nice replica of the desktop model, but it is more than likely that the real innovation in mobile internet is around yet another bend.