Friday, December 21, 2007

My Customer Service E-Mail to Blockbuster

I have been very satisfied with my blockbuster total access subscription thus far. However, I was slightly disturbed to receive an e-mail indicating a price increase to $11.99.

As a customer who enjoys the luxury of renting a movie, and even letting it sit for a week or so if I don't have the chance to watch it, the price increase tells me that this situation is becoming less of a deal. I no longer live within walking distance of a Blockbuster, so the added bonus of in-store exchange or free rental coupons is no longer a sufficient draw for me.

The unlimited 1-at-a-time rate at Netflix is $8.99. Seeing a fourth digit in that baseline figure does make a difference in the mind of a customer. Though an extra $36 a year won't put a hole in my pocket, the increase gives me another reason to think twice before recommending Blockbuster over competitors to friends and family.

I would very much encourage Blockbuster to revert to the previous pricing for this plan. While it would be somewhat convenient for me to stay with Blockbuster, I am sure that myself and others in my situation would find it far more sensible to choose the better deal, especially if Blockbuster's prices continue to go up.

I know, it's really not all that much more money per month. I just hate being on a regular paying schedule with something, and then find out that the price will go up, for no reason other than their business going poorly.