Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kinko's Public Computers

At least one person per day makes a compaint, due to the above being simply untrue.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Energy Saving CFL Irony

Display at the Home Depot on Third and 59th.

Does having 5 lights running at the same time make it that much more effective a message than if they just used 1?

Sleep Number

At first, I thought the LCD's on the headboards was an odd design choice.

Then I saw this sign about sleep numbers.

From a sidewalk window shopper point of view, this was not clarifying.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gutenberg the Musical

Whenever I see an ad for this, I find myself hoping that it has something to do with Police Academy.

Subway Steps at 30th Avenue

Somehow there is something very satisfying in running up these steps and clomping your feet on the newly installed plating on the landing.

Union Square Uptown N-Train. R160.

Wondering if this is somehow in reference to the new R160 trains on the N/W line, but can't imagine what purpose it would serve.

Bought a new PDA.

I saw this in the toy section at Rite-Aid, and simply could not not buy it.

I am also reminded of my friend Demetri's observation that there will soon be a generation that will have no recognition of what a Palm Pilot is, as that function has largely moved on to smartphones.

So I guess a kid receiving this would appreciate the opportunity to doodle, but would lack the cultural references to know that he should be making-believe that he's scheduling appointments and recording contact info with it.