Monday, August 09, 2010

Fresh coat of paint.

I've recently grown interested in doing more writing online, possibly complemented by photos or videos. I'd toyed with the idea of starting a new blog and purchasing a domain name, but soon realized that:

(1) Coming up with a catchy blog title is hard.

(2) Buying it doesn't mean I'll use it.

So for the present, I'll continue with this site.

Since my free time tends to ebb and flow, posting frequency will be somewhat erratic, but I'll try to make a habit of it. Content will most frequently be photos with comments or captions since that's quite simply the easiest thing for me to make and put online. I do have a goal of writing more and writing better, so I will work on getting some substantial and thought out pieces completed and posted.

There are archives on this site going back to 2005, which may well be the longest I've ever maintained a website, not including facebook. I am somewhat embarrassed by some of the older posts' inane or otherwise knee-jerk content, but I like the sense of long term continuity that they provide, and some of them are at least half-decent. There are broken photo links in many posts, but I won't be going back to update them.

In terms of design, I changed the site template from the default look that I'd opted for in 2005, redid the sidebar content and called it a day. Admittedly, this template looks to have been very much influenced by John Gruber's, but I must admit that I like the clean and simple look of it.