Monday, August 09, 2010

Thrift Store Visit

While visiting home this weekend, I went with my parents to a thrift store in Norristown, PA. Here are a few photos of the odds and ends found there.

Mary Lynn Gullette's diploma from Penn State's Continuing Education program.

Wall of TVs.

From the book section.

I'm pretty sure it's been cleaned, but I was hesitant to get comfortable.

Like the diploma for sale, this initially struck me as a little sad. But on the other hand, this a thrift store, not a pawn shop, and these could well be donated out of well meaning generosity.

On the buyer's end of things, according to Good Morning America, with a trip to the cleaners and a custom fitting, this can be a great way to get an affordable wedding dress.

Bottoms are in the next cabinet over.

Dominance is fleeting.

Page from the store's bidding book for its silent auction items.

The last person started to write in a bid, and then apparently reconsidered their interest in smurf belts.

'Poultry Tribune' magazine ran through 2006, and lives on at

There were about three bids for this collection thus far, the highest being $11.00.

It wasn't particularly comfortable, and I was not up for bothering with putting it in the car and getting it up to NYC.

If, however, I were 13 years old and still living at home, I would have been all over this.

It looks like a Star Trek chair.

A hundred years from now, '16 Hits from the Gay Nineties' will yet again mean something completely different.

These guys are fierce.

Only purchase of the day.

Per, the camera is from 1982 and used a disk film format made by Kodak. The back pops open, with room to insert a sealed thin cartridge with 15 exposures.

It's not likely that I'll go to the extra lengths to buy film, shoot and develop it, but it was too unique looking to pass up.