Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Second Glance' plays at NewFilmmakers New York

Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of seeing our short film Second Glance play as part of the NewFilmmakers New York fall program at the Anthology Film Archives.

Second Glance had originated as one of a series of short plays and monologues that Joe had written, some of which Laura had been performing at monologue nights in New York and New Jersey. In the fall of last year, Ethan, Tod, Laura and I got together a small crew of friends and family, and filmed a number of these pieces in Central Park. We found that one in particular, about a chance encounter between a man and a woman, stood very well on its own, and we developed it as a short film and submitted it to various festivals.

This was the first time that we got to see Second Glance on the big screen. I was crossing my fingers, because while I knew Laura and Tod's performances were great all on their own, my brain was preoccupied thinking that any tiny technical picture or sound aberration would be magnified a thousand fold in the larger environment (I could only assume that the improvised editing bay of my living room, pictured below, had been much more forgiving):

Fortunately, it held up very well. On the visual end, we had gotten some very rich color and sharp picture out of our Canon HF200 camera. In terms of sound, the dialogue portions had been recorded off-set in a professional environment, and the background park sounds had been recorded separately as well (albeit on my iPhone). Put together, we were very happy with the results, and also enjoyed the chance to watch the other independent shorts that had been included in the evening's program.

In addition to last week's screening, Second Glance will also play at the Zero Film Festival in November (dates and times TBD). For more info about Second Glance, including the trailer and a behind the scenes video, visit www.secondglancethefilm.com.