Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Decorations around the House

I've started taking video around some of our family events, both for sake of preserving memories, as well as for practicing shooting and post-production. Here's a very short video of the decorations in our home in PA. The star lanterns in the windows are a traditional Filippino decoration. We usually just have electric candles in the windows; my Nanay (Tagalog for mom) and Dad got creative and put the electric candles into these lanterns in order to light them.

In terms of video technical aspects:

Camera: Canon HF200
NLE: Final Cut Pro
Grading: Magic Bullet Looks

In closeups of the tree, it appears to be wobbling. This is a side effect of me using the SmoothCam filter in FCP to try and get rid of the effect of my shaking hands holding the camera. As good as it may look in the viewfinder, it seems like this will inevitably be a problem unless I use a tripod. Shaky tree seemed preferable to completely shaky image, so I kept the SmoothCam filter on.

This is also one of the first videos I've done using Magic Bullet Looks. It's tricky, because there isn't a terribly specific look that I was going for, and I also want to avoid MBL's more aggressive stylizations. So this used just a light film stock emulation filter, with some added vignetting.