Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Five Photos (II)

I'd hoped to keep weekly pace on this, but things have been busy of late. At any rate, here are some photos from around town:

Single Use Metro-Card

Single Use Metro-Card

Beads on Tree from below

Could not tell if this was some manner of memorial, or just a whimsical choice in outdoor decor.

Just about all of my pictures have been post-processed somehow (I'll shoot in RAW, and then adjust basic contrast, saturation, etc). I pushed the color on this a little more than usual, but I think it held up well and made for a better image.

Columbus Circle Fountain in full force

Fountain at Columbus Circle.

Modell Basketball Player

Modell's Sporting Goods, by Grand Central Terminal.

Flowers Under Athena Statue (3 of 4)

Flowers under an Astoria statue of Athena (Greek, not Cylon).