Sunday, January 02, 2011

Some snowy photos

I spent Christmas and New Year's at my family's home near Philadelphia; during the week in between I was back in New York to work for a few days. Of course, the famed snowpocalypse/blizzard arrived on Sunday, December 26th. I took my video camera out into the yard of my parents' house during the blizzard itself, but haven't yet had a chance to edit that footage; so here are a few photos of the snow aftermath.

Couple crossing 30th Avenue in the snow

This is my favorite photo from this batch. While I was editing these photos, I had originally put this into black and white. It made the two figures on the lower right look a bit more dramatic, but in the end I stuck with color because the red lights in the image seemed to lead my eye into the frame and add depth.

Seventh Avenue, Post-Blizzard

Rather than take the subway all the way from Penn Station to Astoria, I crossed above ground to the Herald Square N-train stop in order to grab some pictures along the way.

Police car buried in snow near Penn Station.

New York City Transit, under the snow

To NYCT's credit, I got home safe, sound and promptly on Monday night (though I have read stories of other travelers who did not fare as well).

Spectators watch the Time Warner Center Holiday Lights.

Pictures of people watching light shows are probably better than pictures of light shows.

D.J. Reynolds, one of my very favorite bars in the city.

Sunset on 30th Street Station Train Platform

This is from the train station in Philadelphia. I had been on the far side of the platform away from the windows, noticed some nice sunset lighting catching on my bags, and snapped a picture. I then realized that it wouldn't be the most terrible thing in the world for me to reposition my bags to take a better picture, and got this one instead.