Friday, January 14, 2011

Video short: Snow in the Yard

Camera: Canon HF200
NLE: Final Cut Pro
Color: Final Cut Pro, Magic Bullet Looks

I filmed this during the blizzard on December 26th, 2010. I wrapped the lens in plastic wrap (for better or worse this is apparent in some of the shots), and put part of a zip-lock bag around the body. While I'd initially thought this would be a great chance to get a little crazy with Magic Bullet Looks, once again I found myself inclined to use it with restraint. I balanced the shots using the 3-way Color Corrector in Final Cut Pro, and then used Looks to give it the cool blue look (I started with one of their blue looks and then tweaked from there). Looks was also helpful in applying some vignettes and filters to add some texture into what at times appeared to be just a mass of white on the screen.

The shots of my brother Mike shoveling snow actually did have a blue look to them in the first place, as this was relatively late in the day. However, the earlier shots didn't match this, and the tonal range overall was very compressed, so I had to balance and stretch everything out anyway. Resultantly, there's a lot of noise here. At some point I'll need to spring for a de-noiser plugin, but will live with it for now.

I'm also trying to keep track of how much time cutting and post is taking me. Editing and post for this took 10.5 hours, spread across 3 evenings and 2 lunch breaks. I'm trying to get faster, so I'll be keeping track of this sort of thing from here on out.