Saturday, October 01, 2011

New York City Flickr Group

Manhattan from Astoria

Groups in Flickr are funny things. They range from very active and vocal communities for photo enthusiasts, like The Hot Box, to less conversational groups focused around single subjects or events, like Grand Central Terminal or New York City Comic Con.

They serve many different purposes because the organizational principle is so simple. Photos that you choose to go into a group get posted up to a website along with photos taken by other members of that group.

I find the New York City group interesting because it does just that, at a pretty large scale. I don't engage much in commenting on photos on Flickr (though perhaps that means I'm underutilizing it), but then, I don't get the sense that there's much commenting and conversation going on in the New York Group. I view it more as a huge pool, in which photos by tourists and NYC residents all get collected and published.

As of this time, there are 485,044 photos in the group, and more go up there every day. Some of the shots are fairly common, and to be expected- Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty. But others have a much more specific, personal feel, like this shot from the 9/11 memorial or this one of a man at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

It's a great pool of collected experiences, all in one place, and for the most part, completely uncurated aside from the selectivity (or at times lack of selectivity) of the persons posting into the pool.

Definitely worth a look; check it out here.

Number of photos in the group now 485,045 and counting.