Monday, December 19, 2016

Elsewhere on the web...

This blog started as a sort of informal livejournal type of thing back in 2005. I've since used it for a mess of different styles of posts, from photos to attempts at essays to short jokes. Looking back on the past few years' of posts, aesthetically, it's kind of a jumble. Meanwhile, I've created plenty of new buckets for the sorts of things I used to post here.

Here are links to the aforementioned buckets. I likely won't make new posts to this blog unless they don't fit into one of these:

Avocado Tango
A few years ago I found myself missing the process of drafting well considered and thought out pieces of writing. I'm not sure if the essays on this page meet that criteria, but at the very least, they're my best attempts at it.

Rob Nguyen Photography, Photo Blog
Sets of photographs, posted usually once a month or so.

Rob Nguyen Photography
Photography Facebook page

Twitter posts: photographs, opinions, Magic: The Gathering and other games, jokes, snark.